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Making Sure The Math Works In Every Scenario


The retired owners wanted to downsize and move into a smaller home. They wanted to put their house on the market, but they didn't want to move somewhere temporarily while they waited for their new house to be ready.


  • Studied the market movement, followed how the prices are going to look, and decided the best time to list the old house.
  • Got a close date on the new house, negotiated the rent back period, so they could stay in their house until the final move.
  • Gave them 2 options to pay for necessary costs (builder closing cost, capital contribution, etc) in case the old house didn’t close on time: put a mortgage on or use their HELOC. We talked to a local lender for an 80% pull out from the old house to pay for the new house. We wanted a line of credit established and ready to use just in case.
  • We made sure the numbers made sense for our client. We understand every situation is different and we made sure that it works in every scenario.

A Multiple Offer Situation


A young couple wants to move from an older house to a larger home for their growing family. They fell in love with this particular house, but there were multiple offers made for this home. 


  • We met with 2 incredible lenders we’ve already worked with and know very well, and had the couple pre-approved to carry 2 mortgages.
  • We put a HELOC in place. 
  • There was someone who offered so much more than our client offered. What gave us the chance was the sincere letter of interest we wrote about the new house, when we gave our offer. They got the house!
  • We helped them sell their old house fast, and after a few months of regular payments, we were able to convince the lender to recast their loans, meaning they were able to lower their monthly payments. 

Connections Matter


Our client wanted to buy a $1.1M house. She already had $200,000 dollars invested in the building, but after a few months she lost her job.


  • Debbie met with an investor that had the extra cash our client needed. It was available on a short term note with a balloon payment. It had higher interest rates, but this gave our client time to close the house, move in, and find a secure job. 
  • We talked with this investor and negotiated a deal that met our clients needs. Within 6 months, our client was able to get a new job and pay off the loan.

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"Dolly Helbert and her team are rock stars when it comes to buying and selling a home. We have bought 3 homes and sold 2 and she has been professional and answered all of our questions in a timely fashion. Even the crazy ones! Her team is dedicated and always there to lend a hand. They provide "fun facts" and holiday greeting so she is always engaged with her clients.

I would highly recommend The Helbert Team for buying, selling or just getting some good advice. Check them out!"

- Rob Lee

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